Interstate 29

I-29 Corridor Study

The Interstate 29 Corridor in the northwest reaches of the Sioux City metropolitan area serves the state of South Dakota and its local communities. We have the opportunity through an I-29 Corridor Study to establish a long-term plan that both modernizes the corridor while maintaining its versatility.

Study Background

The I-29 Corridor Study covers Union County, South Dakota, and includes portions of the interstate, interchanges, and cross streets within the urban boundary for the communities of North Sioux City and Dakota Dunes. Over 11 miles of Interstate 29 (I-29) is due for major rehabilitation or reconstruction in the 2030 to 2035 timeframe. Past studies have identified the need for potential interchange improvements at Exit 1 Dakota Dunes Boulevard, Exit 2 River Drive, and Exit 4 Northshore Drive. An implementation schedule is needed for I-29 construction projects throughout the corridor.

Corridor Study map

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Study Objectives

The need for this study was identified by the Study Advisory Team (SAT), which is comprised of state, regional, local, and federal agencies, based on a number of factors. The SAT and project team have established the following objectives for the study:

Determine a future vision for I-29 mainline infrastructure

Determine potential interchange concepts that meet study advisory team objectives

Create an implementation schedule for I-29 construction projects throughout the corridor

Prepare partner agencies for future environmental study, permitting, and design


The I-29 Corridor Study will conclude in spring 2024. The next public engagement opportunity will occur in winter 2023/2024.

Project timeline.

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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

A public meeting open house was held on Thursday, July 20, 2023, from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. at City Hall in North Sioux City. This event provided an opportunity for the SDDOT and the SAT to introduce the I-29 Corridor Study and gather public input to help shape the vision of the corridor. The study team is gathering input on issues and needs to be addressed as a part of this study along the I-29 Corridor, which will help the study team shape the long-range vision for the corridor and create a plan to help guide future corridor projects and development.

July Meeting Materials